Thinking Of Selling Your Car?

Along with the usual decisions involved with purchasing a new or used car, you may also need to decide what to do with your current vehicle. If you are buying your new car from a dealership rather than privately, the most cost-effective and easiest option is usually a part-exchange. Many dealers will have an online valuation tool on their website, which will allow you to get an instant valuation for your vehicle by entering a few simple details such as the car registration. This tool can be a good starting point when figuring out finances and how much your car is worth.


However, it is important to remember this only acts as a guide price. When you take your vehicle in to be professionally appraised, a technician will evaluate factors such as the condition, service history and the mileage of your vehicle, and then provide you with a guaranteed price. The price may be the same as originally quoted, or it may come out higher or lower dependant on the condition of the vehicle.

There are some things you can do to ensure you get the best price for your vehicle. A valid MOT certificate will usually be required and a full service history is desirable, particularly in premium models. This will let the dealer know that the vehicle has been properly maintained. Dealerships will often still take a part-exchange if minor work is needed, but major work could dramatically affect the price you receive. It is also a good idea to make sure the interior of your vehicle is clean and completely free of damage.

It is recommended to buy and part-exchange through a dealership to ensure you get the best deals, customer service and expert knowledge. Contact Baylis Group today for advice and information on their leading part-exchange services today.

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