Don't Drink & Drive this Christmas & New Year

The subject of drink driving is one that comes up every year around this time – and for good reason! Here at Baylis, we want all of our customers to stay safe on the roads, this Christmas and New Year.  That’s why we are raising awareness of drink driving over the holiday period by highlighting road safety statistics for the South West.

Alcohol affects many of the basic functions of the body that we depend on in a number of ways. This can make getting behind the wheel incredibly dangerous. Even if you feel okay to drive you should be aware that when drinking:

  • The brain takes longer to receive messages from the eye.
  • Processing information becomes more difficult.
  • Instructions from the brain to the body’s muscles are delayed, resulting in slower reaction times.
  • Vision can be blurred and many suffer from double vision unexpectedly.
  • You’re more likely to take potentially dangerous risks on the road, because you act on urges you would usually repress.

We’ve collated some useful, yet shocking, facts to help fill you in. All statistics were provided by the UK’s Department for Transport.

Drink Driving – Know Your Stuff

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